Big black leather boxsed set, limited to 9 copies. Were released in 2008 by W.A.R. Productions (Austria. A label of Hugin). Boxsed set includes: 9 Black CD-R's in ancient sackcloth with colour pro-printed inlays, 1 DVD in white plastic case with colour pro-printed cover, 1 Tape in plastic case with colour pro-printed cover, carddisc in plastic envelope with colour pro-printed cover, 2 black/white pro-printed inlay cards with tracklist and lyrics, some magnetic cards in two versions and some pro-printed logo postcards. All this things packed in boxsed with straw. Layout, design and release concept of this box by Hugin.

CD1: Meine alte Melancholie

CD2: Человечье слишком овечье / Heim-Dallr

CD3: Unreleased tracks
      - Berkana (remixed by B-Machina)
     - Die sehnsucht (alte version)
      - Nebelklang (alte version)
      - Todesstille der vorhersagen (alte version)
      - Algiz (part ll. alte version)
      - Dornige ewigkeit (alte version)
      - Hail black metal krieg (part ll)
      - Гнилий оберемок сивих думок (alte version)
       - Гнилий оберемок сивих думок (alte version ll)
      - Cквозь зарево углей (alte version)
      - In the woods..
      - Штурм Арійських вітрів (alte version)
      - Ruf aus dem walt (alte version)
      - Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (alte version)
      - Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (rehearsal)
      - Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (rehearsal ll)
      - Morast (rehearsal)
      - Сквозь черные ветви мертвых лесов
      - By the grey-silver ashes of death
      - Das ist in Vergessenheit geraten (alte version)

Most of this tracks are very raw rehearsal quality. Some of the tracks contained in this rehearsal either ended up on lafter recordings or changed so much over the course of time they more or less became new songs.

CD4: Inhuman Teorier

     CD5: Khvorost, Runenwald, Blut und Ehre, The End of This Planet (only Moloch tracks were taken from this splits)

      CD6: Чернее чем тьма, Прогнившие нити жизни, Uralte Stille

   CD7: Isa

CD8: Nachwirkung Suicid
CD9: Traurer

TAPE: Schicksalswinde

3"CDR card-disk

(includes Nature photos, logos, lyrics etc + exclusive track MOLOCH remixed by B-Machina "Palast der Sturme")

DVD: Video
     - Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit
      - Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (Versionen 2)
      - Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (Versionen 3)
      - Thurisaz
      - Ruf aus dem wald
     - Morast
      - Сыростью вечных стремлений
     - Morast (rehearsal fragment)

This is the first videos ever made by Moloch in very raw and primitive way. Not concidered as "official", but just as rehearsal ones.