- Moloch / Ieschure"Among the Swamps and Darkness" split
12" vinyl & Tape at Hate & Murder Productions.

CD version soon at Old Metal Rites Records.

- Moloch / Zorr "Behold! Thy Death!" split
12" vinyl at Pagan Infantry Records.

- Moloch / Legion Of Doom split
10" vinyl at Obscure Abhorrence Productions.

- Moloch / Sad "Wandering Ghosts" split
7"EP vinyl at III Damnation Productions.

- Moloch "Die Isolation"
CD with OBI strip at Bad Moon Rising ζƒ‘ζœˆδΈŠζ˜‡

-Moloch / Arria Paetus - split

12'Gatefold LP and Tape at Aesthetic Death.

Order here or here


Soon T.B.A.

New Album

split with B.R.F. 12"

split with A. 7"

Split with M. 12"

split with G.C. 12"