Side A:
- Schicksalswinde (Moloch remixed by B-Machina) (34:21)

Side B:
- Berkana (06:46)
- By the winds the pain give born on the way (03:44)
- On overgroved paths (06:46)

Side A: Moloch tracks remixed by B-Machina (side project of Alex Wieser from URUK-HAI). Side B: Original tracks of Moloch. Tracks 2-4 taken from "Khvorost" split 2007. This rather a collaboration than split, but we decided called it as split release.

Originally this tape was printed in 2008, and limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. 9 copies were includes in "Traumklänge und Klagelieder" boxed set and the remaining 41 copies were hold-on. In 2010 label spread the remaining 41 copies of this tape. Standart cassette with one sided color inlay. Some copies comes with B-Machina sticker on plastic case.