- Nidd (06:13)
- Runenwald (04:57)
- Runenwald (Part ll) (06:22)
- Algiz (Part ll) (02:02)
- Meine Blut (Part lIl) (02:12)


- Part 1 (05:53)
- Part 2 (06:46)
- Part 3 (03:01)
- Part 4 (00:06)

- Part 5 (04:31)

Experimental split with England noise project DOG. Moloch tracks recorded and modified between Spring - Summer 2007 by Sergiy Fjordsson. DOG tracks recorded in July 2007 by Gareth Miller.



This is edition of Russian label Contempt Productions. Printed in 2007. CDR limited to 50 copies in slim case. Catalogue number: 015. Front and inlay photos were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in the woods of Ploskuriv.


This is edition of Smell the Stench (Australia). Unlimited (or maybe limited, i dont know) amount of copies. CDR in dvd case with xeroxed red cover (xerox has been made from the original cut-and-paste templates/artwork that have been made by Sergiy Fjordsson).