- Traurig Selbstsucht (13:38)   
- Traurig Selbstsucht (Part ll) (13:38)   
- Suicidal Nachwelt (06:51)
- Suicidal Nachwelt (Part ll) (06:51)

This experimental Collaboration demo based on the tracks from Moloch "
Человечье слишком овечье" album 2006, but infused with some noise/drums elements added by Lord Hastner (Deviator) in 2007 at his home studio. Despite the fact that the tracks 1-2 and 3-4 have the same structure and playing time, they differ in sound, as they were kept in various stereo and mono modes. This was done to strengthen the "oppressive listening effect".


This is cassette edition of De Profundis Productions (Ukraine). Printed in 2007. Catalogue number: Прах 036. Limited to 33 copies with one sided photo paper color cover. Inlay cover photo collage was made by Sergiy Fjordsson. Author of the front cover photo are unknown.

This is cassette edition of Algiz Productions (Russia). Tape with one sided color printed cover. Limited to 33 copies. Catalogue number: AD-34.

This is edition of Contempt Productions (
Algiz Productions sub-label). CDR with color printed inlay. Limited to 33 copies. Catalogue number: CP 012. Some copies comes in slim case and rest in jewel case. So I think that the label has done more than 33 copies. Author of the front and back cover photo are unknown.


This is edition of Heart Shaped Box Productions (Russia). CDR in slim package with color inlay. Limited to 27 copies. This release was made for distribution in Experimental circles of the label. Author of the front and back collages are unknown. Designed by the label owner. Catalogue number: HSB-016.

Here are no any Digital, CD and Vinyl versions of this Demo. Possible later will be available on reel-to-reel in new, remastered and re-structurized form.