- Einklang
- Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts
- Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie
- Nebelwald
- Untitled ll
- Cold shadows of the lost woods
- Stille
- Das Leben ist wie ein verwundeter Vogel der langsam vom Himmel fällt
- E. Khu
- Ein düsterer Winter kommt l
- Ein düsterer Winter kommt ll
- In dorniger Finsternis wurde der Weltenschmerz geboren
- Philosophie der Depression
- Die Menschheit ist nichts ohne die Natur
- Dark Side of human Depression
- Throught halo of fire-brands
- Winterstürme des Wahnsinns
- Ljosalfaheimr
- Vanaheimr
- Ausklang

Tracks 1/20 Taken from “Selbstisolation” picture 7’EP 2012. Tracks 2/3/8 Taken from “Isolation der Essenz” full-length 2010. Track 4 is a Unreleased track 2010. Track 5 Taken from “Visionen einer Ewigkeit” demo 2010. Track 6 Taken from “Чернее чем тьма” demo 2004. Track 7 Taken from “Cold War Plague” split 7’EP 2011. Track 9 is a Unreleased track 2011. Track 10/11 Taken from “Ein düsterer Winter kommt” 7’EP. Tracks 12/13/14 Taken from “Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees ” full-length 2011. Track 15 Taken from “On the Stub of Fate New Life will not Grow” split 2010. Track 16 Taken from “Traurer” full-length 2008. Track 17 is a Unreleased track 2009). Track 18/19 Taken from “A journey to the Vyrdin” full-length 2008

This release is a compilation of various Moloch tracks. Recorded at Moloch studio (Ukraine) in the various period of 2004-2012.



First press was made by Cold Woods Productions (China) in 2012. Cat. Number: CWCD3.  But due the quality of print of the first 500 copies is low. So, only 50 copies of first press exist, the rest were destroyed. Repressed in 2013 as Digipak with new cover art, booklet and patches (but with the same CDs from first press). Also vere spread 20 Promo CDR copies in digipack package. CD booklet of first edition written by silver print and has a mistake; the title on the front reads "Specteal Shades of the Spiritual Negativism" (on the digipack version are "Spectral Shades of the Spiritual Negatiuism") due to an error. Barcode of first press CD: 9787886066252 Matrix code: audio. Barcode of digipack edition are: 9787548519836. Chinese and english translation of lyrics made special for this edition.


This is cassette edition of Blood War Productions (Mexico) in the same year. Catalogue number: BWP06.  Limited to 100 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover inlay. This edition included 2 bonus tracks: "Herbstnacht" 00:58 (Taken from “Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit” full-length 2008); "Jotunheimr" 02:55 (Taken from A journey to the Vyrdin full-length 2008).


This is double tape release of Hammer of Damnation Records (Brasil).  Limited to 100 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover inlay. This edition included few bonus tracks: "Jotunheimr" 02:55 (Taken from A journey to the Vyrdin full-length 2008);  "Ruf aus dem wald" (Taken from “Traurer” full-length 2007); "Das ist in Vergessenheit geraten", "Meine heidnisch-spirituelle Reise durch die Wälder der Gefallenen" and "Herbstnacht" 00:58 (Taken from “Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit” full-length 2008);


This is Boxsed set edition of Fallen-Angels Productions (Korea). Limited to 15 copies. Included the same DOUBLE TAPE's (but with a bit different cover art) similar to Hammer of Damnation version + 2 cards, A4 Size Poster and 5 Stikers. White, Gold, Purple and Orange versions exist. This boxsed set also were included by the label owner in "The Beginning of the New Legend. Vol.ll".


This is CDR edition of Predator Records (Mexico). CDR in A5 digipack. Printed in 2013. Catalogue number: PP006. Limited to 33 copies.


Bootleg release of album were made in 2014 by Iron Clad Records (USA). They printed cassettes without band permission. Anyway I not sure if this label made physical copies of this release, because i never seen this tapes.