- Im entlegenen Walde wurde ein grausiger Winter zu Grabe getragen (03:11) 
- Das ist in Vergessenheit geraten (12:41)
- Durch Schwarz-silberne Hallen eines sterbenden Winters (03:58) 
- Herbsttraurigkeit in der Dunkelheit eines leeren Firmaments (03:20) 
- Meine heidnisch-spirituelle Reise durch die Wälder der Gefallenen (11:12) 
- Die Vergangenheit im Wechsel (16:06)
- Wo uraltes kosmisches Gift auf einen neuen Sonnenaufgang wartet (03:20) 
- Die Tränen des Regens gebaren die Traurigkeit des Waldes (12:57) 
- Kalte Schatten verlorener Wälder (01:44) 
- Ruf aus dem Wald (bonus track) (05:53)  
- Herbstnacht (00:58)

First masive album Moloch. The history of this album's creation begins in 2004 when were recorded some keyboard and guitar parts which were later used on the tracks on this album. Between Autumn 2004 - Winter 2006 all lyrics and some songs were written. During the two days and two nights of Winter 2007 in the cold snowed woods, were recorded almost all vocal parts and the noise of the wind in the mountains, which also were used on this album. All guitars, bass, drums and some keyboard parts were recorded at the home studio of MOLOCH. At the same place in the rainy autumn of 2007 were recorded the sounds of rain and thunder. In Spring 2008 in the forest of Ploskyriv (Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine) the remaining vocal parts were recorded. Winter of 2008 - the last stage of the album's creation. Guest members on this album are: Lord Hastner: acoustic guitar on track 5 and second background voices on track 8; Valand: second keyboards on track 5; Vargamor: female voices. Track 10 – is an bonus track taken from “Traurer” full-length 2007. Track 9 - is a remastered different vesion of track "Холодне тени забытых лесов", taken from "Чернее чем тьма" demo 2004.


First and only CD press was made by the True Underground-addicted Black Metal label from Mexico - Azermedoth Records (label owner: Marganor Bestial Invocator). Limited to only 1073 (!!) pro-manufactured copies! Including a thick 12-page booklet printed on special (cardstock) paper. Cat. Number: AZH-CD-17, Matrix code: ICD11867 MPU046 WWW.MACROPULSE.COM.MX. All photos used in booklet of CD release were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in Pidgayci village (Rivne region. Ukraine) between Autumn - Spring 2008. Layout design made by Alexander.


Mistress Dance Productions (Portugal) edition. Cassette tape limited to 300 copies with one sided pro-cover and stickers of the tape body. Catalogue number: M.D.R. 041. Front cover drawing were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in Autumn 2008.


Husk Records (a label was formed in 2001 by Josh Lay in Kentucky with a primary focus on forward thinking along with Experimental, Black Metal, Occult sounds) re-released this album on Tape one year later with new cover art, one side printed cover inlay on thick card stock paper and tape with stickers. Limited to 100 copies. Catalogue number: ff088. Front and inlay cover photo were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in the woods of Carpathia. Xeroxed manipulations with art were made by Josh Lay.


This is edition of I Am Your End Productions (Brazil). Printed in 2012. Limited to 500 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover. Catalogue number: IYEP006.


Between 2008-2013 years promo CDR edition (self-released in late 2008) was spread in various worldwide trades. 9 copies in dark red A5 cardboard package with A4 burned paper, inlay cards, withered Wormwood and other grass. First 4 copies have a different track #7. And 66 copies (but only 45 were spread) in black A5 cardboard package with inlay cards and A4 ancient burned paper.


Digital version of this album officially were distributed via Moloch bandcamp short period of time.

No vinyl edition of this album at the moment. But 5 tracks from this album you can find on Echo einer Winterkälte 12'LP.