1. Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts 06:11
      2. Wenn der Herbsthimmel ergraut ist 03:55
      3. Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie 07:40
      4. Ferne Wälder gehen im tiefen Herbstnebel verloren 03:31
      5. Das Leben ist wie ein verwundeter Vogel der langsam vom Himmel fällt 03:53
      6. Isolation der Essenz 25:41

Recorded between in Autumn 2009 - Winter 2010 at Moloch studio (Ukraine) by Sergiy Fjordsson on Reel-to-reel/open-reel [audio] tape recorder. Mastered from original reels in Winter 2010. All photos that were used in the booklet were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in the woods of Carpathia.


This is the first press CD edition of Sabbathid Records (label changed name and now known as Sublime Recapitulation Music), Limited to 500 copies with b/w 4 pages booklet.  Cat. Number: hoof059, Matrix code: hoof059 c1009717 (SM1-A90669A) IFPI LP50; Mastering SID Code: IFPI LP50; Mould SID Code: IFPI JU17.


Tape edition of Self Mutilation Services (Mexico). Limited to 200 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover and clear cassettes with stickers (some copies comes without body sticker). Cat. Number: SMST009.


This is edition of Black Dominion Productions (Poland). Factory pressed pro-CDR limited to 100 copies and 2 bonus tracks "E.khu" (06:27), "Meine ganze Hoffnung stirbt" (04:53).Printed in 2012.


Edition of Qliphot Records (Brazil). Printed in 2012. This was the first label release (Cat. Number: Tape 001). Limited to 100 copies with 2 sided printed cover and 2 bonus tracks "E.khu" (06:27), "Meine ganze Hoffnung stirbt" (04:53).


This is edition of I Am Your End Productions. Printed in 2012. Cassette limited to 500 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover. Cat. Number: IYEP005.


Vinyl edition was made by Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine). Extremely limited to 10 copies only!! Released on lathe-cut clear 12" + 7" vinyls in handamde package from recycled paper tied up by ancient sackcloth and incl. 17 x 11 sm black/white patch, metal pendant with logo Moloch, free download card and inlay card. Released in February 2012. The release has been delayed for 7 months, during which there was a deluge on the printing plant, and so the whole run should have been printed anew. Track "Isolation der Essenz" have a different time that original track on cd/tape, due the limited time deadline of LP side. Lathe-cut recording were made from original Reel-to-reel/open-reel tapes.


This is cassette boxsed set edition of Tryby (Poland) in cooperation with Runenstein Records (Germany). Made in 2012. Limited to 33 copies (20 black and 13 white color). Box-set included: patch, pin, stickers and 3 TAPE's:

- "Isolation der Essenz" (original album tracks)
- "Isolation der Essenz (bonus tracks)" (Included various bonus tracks that were published in some album re-releases: "E.khu" (03:49), "E.khu" (06:27), "Meine ganze Hoffnung stirbt" (04:53), "Meine einsame Essenz fliegt zu den Sternen" (04:27)
- "Rehearsal 2010" (Dark Ambient rehearsal 2010. Included 6 tracks nameled by "Untitled rehearsal 2010" 1-6)



This is edition of Misanthropic Spirit Records (Argentina). Pressed in 2013. CD limited to 1000 copies with 8 pages booklet. Cat. Number: MSR-014. Matrix code: DM007/103B - DISKMAKERS - IND ARG; Mould SID Code: IFPI 2A55. In the end of 2014 Sergiy Fjordsson print 150 extra covers (for DVD case) in Ukraine, because 150 booklets of original jewel-case edition were lost in transit between Argentina and Ukraine. So, DVD-case edition its something like "special version".

Digital version officially distributed via: Moloch Bandcamp (short period of time) and Self Mutilation Services Bandcamp pages only.