A1     –Saturn Form Essence     6EQUJ5     2:54
A2     –Windom Earle -    Emulsion of Blank Thought     4:36
A3     –Burning Pyre     The Evening Redness In The East     5:40
A4     –Asleep In The Lake     The Astral Cocoon     4:44
A5     –Unknown Sister     Stockholm     4:27
A6     –Light Collapse     The June Cold Flesh     5:00
A7     –Grief Worship     Fracture     4:04
A8     –The Judas Cradle     Kincora Boys Home     5:09
A9     –Amphetamine Eyedrops     Piece Ov Mind, Mankind     4:20
A10     –Blood Eagle     Sanguinated Earth     4:57
A11     –Värderingar     Arrogansen     0:35
A12     –Joli -   Untitled     4:59
A13     –Weareallslaves     H y p e     5:41
A14     –Wrist Clutch Exploder     Sertraline     4:21
A15     –古田 順子     消える子供達     1:30
A16     –Model For Assembl     Hydroelectricity     1:35
B1     –Torturing Nurse     Inferno     4:59
B2     –She Walks Crooked     Part of Her Unease     5:00
B3     –Fecal Vomit     Elevator Music (TIANL Edit)     4:05
B4     –Eternal Recurrence & Uitgeschakeld     You Wish You Had     4:58
B5     –A Raja's Mesh Men     Engulf     4:24
B6     –Distorted Souls Within A Corrupt Vision     C. viticella     5:00
B7     –Alocasia Garden     Flowers Of Chernobyl     5:15
B8     –(A)Sex     Cut My Pale Skin     0:35
B9     –Scorpion Sound Source     Cold Fluids (TIANL Edit)     4:57
B10     –Uiutna     Mirabelle     2:59
B11     –Wet Nurse.     Field Of Limbs     2:59
B12     –Knife Play     Menstrual Altar     1:11
B13     –H      Cloud Hands     9:00
B14     –Moloch   -  Tod ist nur der Anfang     2:42

Over 130 minutes of noise and ambient. Cassette compilation made by This Is A Noise Label ‎with Catalogue number: TIANL 002. Standart black tape with xeroxsed cover and A4 inlay. Compiled By James Shearman. Moloch track taken from "Horizont" EP 2014. Artwork Source - Elyssa Iona . Artwork - James Shearman . Hand-packaged and hand-dubbed tape-by-tape in James' bedroom. On each individual track page is a link to the artist's page, there is also an inlay in each tape with the same information on the back and a track-listing on the front. Label were made by 32 copies of the cassette for bands only, but possible was/will print more copies for the request. Still available also digitally via bandcamp.