1. Moloch - Ein düsterer Winter kommt l

2. Moloch - Ein düsterer Winter kommt ll

3. Borgne - Suojkleth

4. Kaalt - XXXll

5. Kaalt - XXXlll

6. Kenji Siratory - Gray bowel

7. F.I.N. - The winds of.. delirium

8. F.I.N. - In the mist (Alice)

9. Congenital Hell - Life and death



The second volume of compilation series organized by Japan label Sabbathid Records (label changed name and now known as Sublime Recapitulation Music), featuring 6 bands around a world. The line-up of participants for this volume: Moloch: Misanthropic Depressive Black Metal from Ukraine. Borgne: Ambient Black Metal from Switzerland. Kaalt: Dark Ambient from Italy. Kenji Siratori: Cold Ambient with Noise elements from Japan. F.I.N. (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural): Funeral Doom Ambient from Chile. Congenital Hell: Depressive and twisted Doom Metal from Japan. CD limited to 500 copies. Moloch tracks taken from "Ein düsterer Winter kommt" EP 2010. Cat. Number: hoof058.