01-11-2017 a.y.p.s...... news update !!

Out now:

"Verwustung" TAPE/12'LP

"Чернее чем тьма" demo 2004 TAPE
"Человечье слишком овечье" FLOPPY/MICROTAPE


Moloch / Nocturnal Depression split 10'MLP vinyl.

New T-Shirt / Longsleeve / Hoodie

Coming soon:

"Abstrakter Wald" TAPE

"Ein düsterer Winter kommt" TAPE

"Verwustung" 12'LP (new edition)

VHS cassette t.b.a.

Moloch / Nocturnal Depression split CD/TAPE

Moloch / Wedard split TAPE BOX/TAPE/CD

Moloch / I Shalt Become split TAPE/CD

Moloch / Hermodr split TAPE/CD

Cardboard (!!) Flexy (!!) 7" limited vinyl.

Live recorded 7"

Split 10"MLP with L.o.D.


New album recording almost finished.

Another hidden live event announced soon.
New tracks for picture 12'MLP recorded.


25-12-2016 a.y.p.s...... news update !!


"Verwüstung" Asian Tape edition out now.

"Verwüstung" re-mastered CD/TAPE out soon.

New Patches, T-shirts and Longsleeves out soon.

Tape version of Moloch / Nunslaughter out soon.

"Einsamer Platz zu sterben" 7" with new artwork now available.

Two new patches now available. photo & photo.

New Hoodie, Longsleeve and T-shirt now available.


10-12-2016 a.y.p.s...... news update !!

Split 7" with Frostmoon Eclipse out now. photo

Split 7" with Hermodr out now.

Split 7" with Gurthang out now. photo

"Meine alte Melancholie" Digipack CD & Tape out now.

"Человечье слишком овечье" pro-tape with new cover art and bonus tracks out now.

"Dissonant Black Metal" longsleeve & t-shirt out now.

Moloch / Evil split. CD version out now.

"Ein düsterer Winter kommt" 7" with new artwork out now.
"Einsamer Platz zu sterben" tape with new artwork out now.