This is not so called "bio"... just a few notes about Moloch...

Sergiy Fjordsson has recorded/published many experimental/noise releases under name of Moloch in the period from 2006 to 2009. Many of them had very limited edition and originally positioned as private records of various experiments with sound. In fact, almost all of them were written for private archive, but later published in various demos, EP's and splits. Despite the fact that these experimental/noise releases were issued under the name of Moloch, they should be regarded as a kind of the other side of Moloch. Only in 2009 Sergiy provide noise experiments in a separate project called Saturn Form Essence (check full discography here).

Almost all recordings were made on analogue two-inch and seven-inch reel-to-reel tape recorders with specific raw sound. Many of the Moloch albums are completely analog. Many of the vocal, keyboard and even guitar parts were recorded live in the forest, dungeons, caves and various abandoned places (almost all dark ambient tracks).

Although the band is from the Ukraine and all lyrics are in native ukrainian language, the song titles are in German. Album "Verwüstung" has the lyrics written in old english and latin languages. Old recordings with russian language.

The first logo of Moloch was inspired by Darkthrone and created in 2002. In 2007 Sergiy changed the logo. New one was influenced by and has elements of ancient slavonic "Буквица". From 2014 Moloch also use a simplified version of the logo (which can be seen on cover of "Verwüstung" album) as well as the logo created in 2007.

The first live show by Moloch was played during the autumn 2009 in the Carpathian woods as a closed dark ambient ritual for a select number of people together with Silver Sphere Moon, Saturn Form Essence, Gjollheimr, and Anu. The second live event was during the winter of 2010. A live demo was recorded at the last show which was spread to few members. In 2012 remastered version of this ritual released as full-length album "
Abstrakter Wald". Few other live shows were played later in various places, some of them filmed and recorded for future releases.

Moloch has only 1 official video clip "Philosophie der Depression" recorded and filmed in 2009. Taken from interview with Sergiy: "This video should NOT be perceived in a view of banal suicide. The idea implicit here is a deeper journey into yourself and resonates with the world around us. All elements here have many metaphors. And to understand them, you should ignore the primitive thinking". Few more videos vere made in 2007. but not concidered as "official".

Several demo tapes were recorded in late 90' when the project is still without name, but they never released. The first two demos for Moloch wrote between 2002-2003, but only one of them was published in the end - "Чернее Чем Тьма”. There also exists a single copy of the nameless lathe-cut 7'EP vinyl with 2 dark ambient tracks.