- Isolation der Essenz (25:41)

- Abgrund meines Wesens (22:05)

- Das Land ewiger Kälte und Sorge (11:03)

- Gebrechlichkeit I (Burzum cover) (5:29)


This is a compilation of Dark Ambient tracks taken from various MOLOCH albums. Track 1 taken from "Isolation der Essenz" full-length 2010. Track 2 taken from "Illusionen eines verlorenen Lebens" full-length 2011. Track 3 taken from split "Das Land ewiger Kälte und Sorge" 2010. Track 4 taken from "Wo die Natur leise weint" full-length 2010 (this album available only in "Ein Land, wo der Winter immer bleibt" boxsed set 2010). All photos of CD and Tape editions were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in the woods of Rivne region.


This is CD edition of Nihil Art Productions (Catalogue number: NAR008). Limited to 500 copies with 4 pages booklet (Matrix code: M-10-0003869; Mastering SID Code: IFPI LW80; Лицензия МПТР России - ВАФ № 77-178 ООО "Ди Ви Ди Клуб"; Mould SID Code: IFPI ZK-25).


This is 2 different casette editions were made too. First one was made in 2011 by the label from France - Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions (limited to 66 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover inlay) and second one was made in 2012 by Stomp Records (Spain). Limited to 80 copies (40 on clear tape & 40 on black. Catalogue number: stomp017) with almost the same cover art (difference between label logo on back panel + Stomp Records release comes with tape stickers). Stomp Records edition includes additional bonus tracks: "Untitled rehearsal 2010-4" (taken from "Rehearsal 2010" Tape from "Isolation der Essenz" boxsed set), "Ein Schweigen" (taken from "Possessed by the unholy Black Art" split 2010), "Illusionen eines verlorenen Lebens" (taken from "Illusionen eines verlorenen Lebens" 2011), "In einer Umarmung von tiefen kalten Wäldern" (taken from "In einer Umarmung von tiefen kalten Wäldern" EP 2010), "l" (taken from "Apathisches Licht von einem rotschwarzen Horizont" EP 2010).


Digital version of this release was available on moloch bandcamp short period of time and then removed. Possible later this will be available again with various bonus tracks.