1. Aruuxha vya Zhai  e Mehfae (15:02)

2. Abgrund meines Wesens (22:05)

3. Sirius (17:41)

4. Prophecy of Ruin (15:56)

Track 1 by Daeva Durzeiriche (Japan)
Track 2 by Moloch (Ukraine)
Track 3 by Saturn Form Essence (Ukraine)
Track 4 by MagatsuJuso (Japan)

Label description: "Containing 4 artists from Japanese and Ukrainian Dark Ambient field, this split describes a facet of the vigorous activities of the current generation of Dark Ambient music that shares misanthropic and mystical perspectives with some Black Metal artists. The ritual begins with solitary and desolated ambient by Daeva Durzeiriche from Japan. Moloch from Ukraine follows with cold, fluent and atmospheric nature ambient, which is typical of his ambient works. Saturn Form Essence offers minimalistic cosmic dark ambient expressing putative emptiness of the edge of the universe. MagatsuJuso concludes the rites in a quite unique way; a mixture of achromatic noise and agonizing anathemas."


Released as CD with 8 pages booklet by Japan label Sabbathid Records (label changed name and now known as Sublime Recapitulation Music). Limited to 500 copies. Catalogue number: hoof063. Matrix code: hoof063 c1102623 IFPI Mastering SID Code: IFPI LT002. Mould SID Code: IFPI 2N60.