01. Fever Spoor : Zomerangst

02. THF Drenching : Blur Live 2009

Summer Reunion Tour (Sunday Times) (Remix)
03. Moloch : Ein Winter weint bei meinen Trauer *
04. Golden Dead : The Secret of Domaine de Clarat (Go Devil Go!)
05. resonan : sunburn

CDR compilation at resonan Records (Usa). Moloch track recorded speical for this edition. 5 INTERPREATIONS OF THE THEME:SUMMER IS A BLUR (CDR by Resonan) Compilations based on a theme are for me more interesting than just a compilation. How do different musicians deal with words, sounds, colours or atmospheres and what will they create with these ideas? Marcel Herms? Fever Spoor starts with some high pitched sounds in combination with dark echoing sounds and fieldrecordings in the background. THF Drenching is based in Stockford - England and the music is based on free-jazz and experimental music. The sounds have an open character, takes the listener to all kinds of spheres and ends in discords what makes the composition interesting and worth-listening. Summer in Ukraine seems to be dark, according to Moloch. This doom music from the Ukraine creates a drony melancholic track created by a synthesizer. The track itself is not surprising. Golden Dead from The Netherlands starts with field-recordings with birds and edited water. A long-term soundwave increases slowly and ends subtile in silence. Resonan creates the composition "Sunburn" and the title is well-chosen. The sounds are related to crickets mixed with white noises. The heat burns from this track! (JKH)