Abwehrschlacht (England) - Die sturmtruppen
Moloch (Ukraine) - Ljosalfaheimr
Apocryphe (France) - Unholy tales
Garden of Grief (Austria) - Die freiheit einer Winternacht
Svartnad (Sweden) - Vinterriket
Desir de Mourir (Germany) - Moment of truth
Winterblast (Austria) - The empyreal abyss
Acrimonia (Mexico) - We await to total arrive
Immortal Empire (England) - Mother of scorched wings
Lutece (Ireland/ France) - Ancient gods at war
Dark Desolation (India) - Futile dogma
As Vampiric Shades and Belial Winds (Austria)

- At the gate to damnation
Beltane (New Zealand) - Blood and lust
Veinen (Greece) - nihil spikes
Singhasari (Malaysia) - Srivijaya

CDR compilation made by Smouldering Earth Records (Italy). Cat. Number: SER010. Moloch track taken from "A journey to the Vyrdin" full-length 2008