1. Moloch - Ein düsterer Winter kommt l

2. Moloch - Ein düsterer Winter kommt ll

3. Borgne - Suojkleth

4. Kaalt - XXXll

5. Kaalt - XXXlll

6. Kenji Siratory - Gray bowel

7. F.I.N. - The winds of.. delirium

8. F.I.N. - In the mist (Alice)

9. Congenital Hell - Life and death



The second volume of compilation series organized by Japan label Sabbathid Records (label changed name and now known as Sublime Recapitulation Music), featuring 6 bands around a world. The line-up of participants for this volume: Moloch: Misanthropic Depressive Black Metal from Ukraine. Borgne: Ambient Black Metal from Switzerland. Kaalt: Dark Ambient from Italy. Kenji Siratori: Cold Ambient with Noise elements from Japan. F.I.N. (Funeral Inconscientemente Natural): Funeral Doom Ambient from Chile. Congenital Hell: Depressive and twisted Doom Metal from Japan. CD limited to 500 copies. Moloch tracks taken from "Ein düsterer Winter kommt" EP 2010. Cat. Number: hoof058.


Metal Archives were concidered this release as split, but this release were made ONLY as promotional label compilation and never concidered as split, not by label, not by bands. So Metal Archives once again write wrong information (as often happens), even without having to get more information from the bands and the label...