- Todesstille (05:17)
- Blutmond (04:32)     
- Spiritueller Selbstmord (05:38)     
- Negativitat (04:10)     
- Nur de Tod ist wirklich (04:40)     
- Die Kalte der Ewigkeit (04:20)     
- Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt (04:43)     
- Verwüstung (11:04)

- Frédéric François Chopin symphony (hidden track)*

"Verwüstung" is dedicated to Varg Vikernes.

Music written and recorded between Winter 2012-2013. Lyrics written between 2002-2006. Translated to old english and latin languages in 2013. Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar recorded at S.o.h.D. studio, Ukraine. Autumn/Winter 2013 by Sergiy Fjordsson. Rhythm and Lead Guitars recorded at Fields of Tears Studio, Poland. Winter 2012 by Azathoth. Drums recorded at BeastCave Studio, Italy. Autumn 2013 by Gionata Potenti. Mastered at Alex Menabde studio, Georgia. December 2013 by Alex Menabde. Booklet painting by Odilon Redon (Bertrand-Jean Redon (1840-1916). *Hidden track is a Frédéric François Chopin symphony. Marco Ceccarelli was intended to be the drummer on this album for the first time. Some samples even were recorded, but never used. Pre-album demo version with programmed drums also exists, as well as the various versions of mastering of whole album. All this demo versions forever will stay in archives. And only one track "Nur der Tod ist wirklich (demo version)" was available via Moloch Bandcamp as bonus track for a short period of time between 2014-2015.


This is European CD edition of Human To Dust Records (Germany. Label run by Jay Graves). Standart 3 panel digipack limited to 400 copies (barcode: 4250088503320; matrix code: 00095 53429 245 01 * 53429248; Catalogue number: HTD666018b) and gold print digipack limited to 100 copies (barcode: 4250088503313; matrix code: 00095 53429 245 01 * 53429248; cat-number: HTD666018b; Mastering SID Code: IFPI LV26). CD included hidden track 10 "Frédéric François Chopin symphony"* which begins to play after 21:23 minutes of silence. Made in 2014.


This is Japan/Asian CD edition of Hidden Marly Records (Japan). Limited to 500 Jewel Case copies with OBI-strip. 8-pages booklet. CD also included track "Frédéric François Chopin symphony"*. (Barcode: none; matrix code: D126621 A 9C; Catalogue number: HMP021; Mastering SID Code: IFPI LT027; Mould SID Code: IFPI TA701). Made in 2014.


This is CD edition of Metallic Media (Usa). Limited to 500 Jewel Case copies with 8-pages booklet (almost the same as edition of the Hidden Marly Records). CD also included track "Frédéric François Chopin symphony"*. (Barcode: 827166263625; matrix code: CA/ - DGR - 1875 Moloch - 54898; Catalogue number: metallic026; Mould SID Code: 158B). Made in 2014.


This is tape edition of Acephale Winter Productions (Usa). Limited to 50 copies with gold print inlay and gold-like color cassette. Catalogue number: AWP011. Made in 2014.


This is edition of Nocebo Records (Switzerland. Label owner are the man behind Voidstar project) Absolute amazing picture 12'LP vinyl, limited to 247 copies. Can. Number: three. This edition does not include tracks "Todesstille' and "Verwüstung", but instead includes tracks "Einklang" & "Ausklang" that were recorded special for this edition. While the printing of this vinyl a small problem happend. The first plant, which was originally planned to print it, refused to cooperate, because of the inscription "Thanx to Varg Vikernes" on the cover. So label had to find a new plant for print, where vinyl was made, but the inscription had to be removed. Made in 2014.


THis is edition of Cruel Nature Records in cooperation with Locust Amber Records (U.K.). Limited to 56 copies with 2 sided pro-cover inlay and black pro-tape. Catalogue numbers: CN043 / LAR009. Made in 2015.


 This is edition of Grimoire Cvlture Records (Usa). Limited to 100 copies with gold print cover inlay and pro-tape (50 black and 50 gold color cassettes). Tape packed in black box with gold embossed logo Moloch on front and label sticker inside. Catalogue numbers: GCC-027. Made in 2015.


This is Asian tape edition of Qalaqas Black Art Productions (Malaysia). Made in 2016. Limited to 100 copies with color 2 sided pro-cover inlay and clear pro-tape. Catalogue number: QBAPT-06.

12'LP vinyl edition by Argento Records (The Netherlands). Made in 2017. Limited to 300 copies (150 black and 150 Black/Gold haze colors, where 50 copies are wax sealed + few test press copies). Enclosed in a luxurious black, white, and gold heavyweight jacket with printed inner sleeve. Die-hard copies, wax-sealed also were available via label only. Vinyl comes with remastered version of album and different track order than on other editions (Track "Du bist nichts in dieser sterbenden Welt" have different length, bass intro were cut and re-recorded; track "Spiritual Selbstmord" are missed and new unreleased track added "Große Geister aus dem vergessenen Königreich der Stille" 06:32, recorded during original "Verwüstung" record session). All tracks Re-mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios, Usa. Endless May 2016. Track-list on the cover inlay have a typo: track "Nur der Tod ist wirklich" written as "Nur de Tod ist wirklich".


Cassette edition by Urtod Void (Germany). Made in 2017. Limited to 55 copies. Black pro-tape with gold ink print, b/w pro-cover inlay and screen gold printed O-Card/Slicase. Tape comes with the same track list as on the previous vinyl version from Argento Records.


Cassette edition by Mercyful Hell Productions (Peru). Made in 2017. Limited to 200 copies (180 copies as standart edition + 20 copies as die-hard edition). Standart edition comes as Pro-tape in 9 various tape colors (yellow tint, purple tint, sky blue, silver glitter, gold glitter, orange, dark blue, evil red, green; each limited to 20 copies) and gold print inlay. Die-hard edition comes as: both sides screen printed bag (drill fabric about 40x50 cm), fluorescent Green or fluorescent green cassette in slipcase (each limited to 10 copies), 2 x embroidered custom made patches, black t-shirt with grey both sides screen printed. Catalogue number: MHP-019. Also were spread 55 standart cassettes (without body print) with inlay covers that remain from original edition (numbered as STND01, STND02 etc). Track-list on the cover inlay have a typo: track "Nur der Tod ist wirklich" written as "Nur de Tod ist wirklich". Some copies comes with label logo pin, label hologramm sticker etc. This edition comes with the same track list (remastered etc.) as on the previous tape version from Urtod Void.


Cassette edition by Dead Red Queen Records (Usa). Made in 2019. Limited to 100 copies with 3 different colors: black, silver, smoky brown. All are pro-tapes with black/wjite pro-cover.and gold print inlay. Catalogue number: DRQR-051. Track-list are the same as on previous cassette editions of Mercyful Hell Productions and Urtod Void, but with additional tracks Auskland/Einlang on side A (taken from picture 12' edition of Nocebo Records). All tracks comes with new remastering sound (made in April 2017 at Horizont studio, Oslo, Norway).

This is CD edition for Latin America made by Guttural Records in cooperation with Suicide Syndicate Records (both from Mexico) in the end of 2019. Limited to 500 (or 1000?) copies. Catalogue numbers: GR015/SSR-002. Track-list are the same as on previous cassette edition of Dead Red Queen Records. Originally planned to be printed with gold logo/text, but label printed with standart dark yellow color without band permission/arrangements. Back tray printed one sided instead two sided and black white booklet printed with additions of brown/blue color also without arrangements.