Antipope (Finland) - The Carnal Ritual of Self-Asphyxiation
Baht (Turkey) The Trauma

Beheading Machine (Poland) - The Psalm of Tripping God
Bengis (Indonesia) - Diktatorisasi

Bestia (Estonia) - Ronkade Parved

Blasphemy (Venezuella) - Fuera de mi territorio

Bloody Symphony (Indonesia) - Intro + Underworld

Crucifixion (Brazil) - Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ

(Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ)
Dethrone (Sweden) - When i Decide 

Dormant Inferno (India)- Failed Experiments

Envenomed (Mexico) - Sadistic Lepper 

Exile (Jordan) - Absolute Evil 

Fleshred (Finland) - God Killer

Hocnis (Brazil) - Against All

Itself (Brazil) - Ultraviolence

Legacy Of Suffering (Argentina) - Burn Bitch, Burn!

Legions Of Hoar Frost( Usa) - Bringers of the Black Flame

Master (Czech Rep) - Smile as you 're told

Moloch (Ukranie) - Fallendez Herbstaub tanzt im Wind *

More Than Human (Turkey)-Wake Up

Nadimac (Serbia) - Samo Kec

No Remorse for The Fallen  (Us) -  Swiftly Kanye'd

Numenor (Serbia) - Monarchy Divine

Odd Heathenish (Spain)  -Esan Eta Egin

Omission (Spain) - We Are The Dead

Plaag (Belgium) - Up And Down (and once around)

Rose of Sharyn (Indonesia) - Fakta Kuasa Regresif

Skirmish (Finland) Conquest

The Obscene (England) - Embrace Oblivion

The Way Of Purity(Sweden) - Artwork Of Nature

Unknown Ambulance Origin (Turkey) - Comma

Upheaval (Turkey/US)  - Obey the Beast

Urt (Estonia) - Me Ürgsed Juured

Urgsiug (Estonia) - For My Demonflys Incarnation

Woslom (Brazil) - Time To Rise 

Free download compilation. Released by Exterminal Distro/Zine/Comp. And available download at website or facebook. Moloch track taken from "Selbstisolation" picture 7'EP 2012, but with different (second) mastering without bass guitar.