Track I - Lilith's Mortuary - For the Brave
Track II – Burning Moon – Immortal
Track III – Delirio Occulto – Destination Death
Track IV – Eldereon – Remembrance (The Awakener)
Track V – Burial Ritual – Postmortem Crucifixion
Track VI – Rotting Flesh – Six Enigma
Track VII – H5N1 – Ministry of Supreme Haemorrhagic Revolution
Track VIII – Moloch – Elite Suicidal Spiritual Art
Track IX – Wrath Passion – Corvus Corax
Track X – Borgne – Varuna
Track XI – Tomhet – Ice Fell From the Sky
Track XII – Geimhre – Satanic Degradation (Rehearsal 2004)
Track XIII – Outlaw Elite – Praying for Death (and Getting Your Wish)

Moloch track is a track originally called "Sylgr Form Essence", but on this compilation present with old rehearsal name.

This is free download compilation a part of NHR Records promo company.