01. Initium Mortuus (Hun) - Intro
Taken from “Initim Mortuus” [cut 035]

02. Moloch (Ukr) - In einer Umarmung von tiefen kalten Wäldern
Taken from “
In einer Umarmung von tiefen kalten Wäldern” [cut 067]

03. Shadowdream (Srb) - Verse V - Interlude - Riflettendo Memorie
Taken from “De Sphaera Volvelle” [cut 069]

04. Saturn Form Essence (Ukr) - Galactic Nebulae
Taken from “Galactic Nebulae” [cut 088]

05. Ablaze Eternal (Mys) - Through Abyssic Path
Taken from “The Black Dawn” [cut 089]

06. Morket (Chl) - Pasado
Taken from “Oscuridad" [cut 105]

07. Gmork (Rus) - Night Across Sad Mountains
Taken from “…In Embrace Of Cold White Dust” [cut 108]

08. Northern Forest (Bra) - Winter North
Taken from “Until Winter Depress us Again” [cut 115]

09. Tizagoth (Irn) - Blaspheme
Taken from “Erathizon Shrine” [cut 126]

10. 03:18am (Bra) - Supondo Corpos Imersos em Ciclos de Chuva
Taken from “S.D.D.S.” [cut 135]

Free-download compilation made by Black Metal Agenda Productions (NET-label) as a promotional part for Depressive Illusions Records and included Dark Ambient tracks from the label releases. Front cover art photo made by Sergiy Fjordsson, near the forst of Dubno (Rivne region. Ukraine). RAR/ZIP file included all tracks, cover art for jewel case, some flyers and front covers of the releases.