- Illusion des Winters (7:53)
- Ein düsterer Winter kommt l (4:38)
- Ein düsterer Winter kommt ll (4:50)
-  Dissonanz Tropfen eines glühenden Schmerzes (4:00)
- Weg von dieser Welt voller Traurigkeit (4:27)
- Unsichtbarer Faden des Lebens (1:36)
- Illusionen eines verlorenen Lebens (1:50)
- Abgrund meines Wesens (22:05)


This compilation includes "Ein düsterer Winter kommt" ep 2010 (tracks 2-3) and some old re-recorded and unreleased songs. Recorded at Moloch studio (Ukraine) by Sergiy Fjorsson between Winter 2010 - Spring 2011. All photos that were used in the booklet were made by Sergiy Fjordsson in the woods of Rivne region (Ukraine). Initially, this release was published as album, but later change status to "compilation".


This is first press CD edition of Glorious North Productions (United Kingdom). Pressed in 2011. Limited to 1000 copies with 4 pages b/w booklet. Cat. Number: North005. Matrix code: CA GLORIOUSNORTH @@; Mould SID Code: IFPI 1287; Mastering SID Code: IFPI LV88 5/9/2011 9-11-03 PM 0000712731.



This is tape edition of Atramentum Productions (Canada). Printed also in 2010 and limited to 100 copies. Tapes with sticker, b/w 2 sided pro-cover inlay and green cases. Cat. Number: AtramC007.


This is edition of Magistellus Infernal Productions (Peru). Cassette tape limited to 100 copies with b/w 2 sided pro-cover inlay. Cat. Number: MIP024. Tape includes bonus track "Ein düsterer Winter kommt l (rehearsal)" (04:50).


This is edition of I Am Your End Productions (Brazil). Printed in 2012. limited to 500 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover inlay. Cat. Number: IYEP003. Tape also includes bonus track "Ein düsterer Winter kommt l (Rehearsal)" (04:50). 



This is edition of Metal Squad Records (Argentina). Printed in 2013. Limited to 100 copies with 2 sided b/w pro-cover inlay and casettes with stickers. Cat. Number: MSR-007. Tape includes 2 bonus tracks: "...nur einsame Ende" (01:52) and "Ein düsterer Winter kommt l (rehearsal)" (04:50)


Digital version of this album officially were distributed via Moloch bandcamp short period of time and still available at Glorious North Productions bandcamp page only.