Glorious North Productions Digital Sampler

1: Man Gremmes Kan - To Bear False Witness (When Mecca Burns)
2: Written in Torment - O' Fortuna
3: Nordland - Thule
4: Vesterian - Morax Gates pt2
5: Nordland - Crows
6: Pantheon of Blood - The Crimson Empress of Night
7: Tomhet - ContraChristian
8: Deviator - To Forgotten Paths ~ Triumph of the Will
9: Moloch - Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt II
10: Emit - Mors Wher Devels are Abrod
11: Mists of Poveglia - Tracking Back Across the Range

Promotional sampler of Glorious North Productions (U.K.) available as free download from label website and facebook page. No cover art exist for this release. Moloch track taken from
"Illusionen eines Verlorenen Lebens" full-lenght album 2011