FOLKVANG - The day of ragnarok

LASCOWIEC - Eternal spirit

FAAGRIM - Warriors of the unlight

ZWARTPLAAG - Imperial death march

FOREST OF DOOM - Ancient times of obscurity

NIGHTFALL - Rise of the black empire

KAVRA - Iron sigils of saturn

NARGAROTH - Spectral visions of mental warfare

AKASHAH - Path of elders

MOLOCH - Fallendes Herbstlaub tanzt im Wind
BLACK FIRE "Nocturnal Lust" * (Tape bonus track)

SVETOVID - In the winds of deception

PAGAN HELLFIRE - To take up arms



Pro CDR (4 pages booklet) and TAPE (2 sided cover with tape stickers) edition (each limited to 100 copies) made by Cold Northern Blood Records (Canada). Catalogue number: COLD 005. Tape version included bonus track * BLACK FIRE "Nocturnal Lust". Moloch track taken from "Selbstisolation" picture 7'EP 2012, but with different (second) mastering without bass guitar.