Sundrugs - To Forget 03:23
Koldvoid - Complete Annihilation of Joy 03:12

The Parlour Trick - Half Sick of Shadows 03:34
Fredrik Klingwall - Wayward 05:43

Alenda - A Forgotten Folklore - I - Walls are Eternal 10:02
Atomtrakt - Das Erwachen 04:59

Moloch - In die Unendlichkeit der Gedanken 03:26
Virlyn - Grain 03:52

Grzegorz Bojanek - Free Thoughts 03:27
. Deep-Pression - The Hunt (2013 edit) 09:43

Xun - Speak 04:11
Heinali - Useless Music III 03:33

Founded in 2013, Deprivation has been an online medium where the passion for ambient music has been growing. Since it’s inception, Deprivation has been continuously reviewing either new ambient albums, or the classics. As well as some interviews with musicians along the way.  This compilation album, entitled “Below the Moons Reach” is a culmination of musicians that have had the chance to be reviewed for 2013. It is not only an album, it is a strong community, which I intend to strengthen and grow through Deprivation. The album is published in co-operation with ETALABEL.com Released 28 April 2014 darkambientdeprivation.blogspot.com.au Mastered @ Ryttel Mastering www.facebook.com/ryttelmastering